Comfort, the sire, and his son, Earl.  Earl is a Golden Mutt out of Ann, and Comfort is a registered AKC Golden Retriever.

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Sweetpea, in the red collar, and Ann her mother.  Sweetpea is a Golden Mutt and Ann is a terrier mix.

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Our Golden Mutts aren't always golden.  They can also be black.  We call them Golden Mutts because they are 1/4 to 1/2 golden retriever.
Our puppies have a golden retriever's lovableness and willingness to please.  They come in a variety of sizes.  Depending on the pup you choose, it may be any where from slightly smaller than a golden retriever to roughly the same size as our terrier mix dam.

Why us?

Our puppies have mixed breeding on their mothers' sides.  Ann is a mix from the hound, terrier, and companion groups, and Sweetpea is the daughter of Ann and Comfort.

Our Dogs


Comfort, the Golden Retriever stud, and Dashi, the Miniature Australian Shepherd stud.